The Impact Grant


    The impact of COVID-related furloughs, position eliminations, and reduced hours have left many job-insecure. Now’s the best time to get your degree, complete the degree you put on hold, or pursue a new career. Invest in yourself NOW and we’ll invest in you too.

     Alvernia’s Impact Grant is earmarked for ‘Newly Enrolled Adult Students’ to pursue an accelerated bachelor’s or master’s degree this Summer at one of our three campus locations in Reading, Philadelphia or Pottsville. These funds are available for the Summer 2021 semester, with sessions starting on May 17 and July 8.

    Students enrolling in 6 or more credits can receive up to $2500 for full-time/12 or more credits, $1250 for part-time/6-8 credits, and $1875 for ¾ time/9-11 credits (not to exceed total cost of tuition and fees).

    ** NOTE – Students must have a completed admission application before submitting grant application.

    1. Must complete 20/21 and 21/22 FAFSA and enter 003233 as our school code
    2. Must be verified to have applied, accepted, and enrolled in the Summer 2021 semester
    3. Must be accepted and enrolled minimal of half-time status for the Summer 2021 semester 
    4. Must Apply for an Impact Grant by May 10 for the May 17 start date and by July 1 for the July 8 start date
    5. Must be present in classes (maintaining attendance through semester) to be eligible - final amount applied in week (6)
    Basis for Selection:

    Selection for award is based on completed application for admissions, and successful completion of the above criteria. Impact Grant Awards are available for the Summer 2021 Semester on a first come first serve basis.

    Uses for Award:

    The scholarship may be used to cover tuition, fees, and textbooks required by the course(s).